We are pleased to announce our collaboration with the renowned digital media platform Kart Advisor, operating since 2017 in the field of promoting drivers, teams, and championships at an international level. This partnership represents a significant milestone for both organizations as we combine our efforts to further enhance visibility and promotion in the world of motorsport.

Kart Advisor has established itself as a go-to platform for drivers, teams, and championships seeking to increase their visibility and reach a global audience. With their expertise and competence in the digital media realm, they have built a solid reputation in the industry, collaborating with numerous motorsport professionals and creating meaningful connections on an international scale.

Through this collaboration, Global Drive Management and Kart Advisor will work synergistically to provide unprecedented promotion and visibility services to drivers, teams, and championships who rely on our expertise. Our extensive network of contacts and experience in the motorsport marketing and management field will merge with their cutting-edge digital platform, ensuring enhanced exposure and growth opportunities for all our clients.

“Our goal is to offer a comprehensive and high-quality promotion platform to motorsport professionals,” stated Paolo Necchi Global Drive Management CEO. “The collaboration with Kart Advisor allows us to further expand our reach and provide global promotion services to drivers, teams, and championships looking to achieve maximum media impact.”

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our commitment to supporting and elevating motorsport professionals on a global scale. By joining forces and leveraging our resources and expertise, we are confident in creating a winning synergy that will enable our clients to reach new levels of success and visibility.