Our Motorsport company is delighted to announce the beginning of an exceptional collaboration with Benny Simonsen, renowned racing driver and esteemed coach. Simonsen joins our team as the Official Coach, bringing with him extensive experience in the industry and an innate passion for improving drivers’ performance.

Benny Simonsen is known for his extraordinary driving talent and deep knowledge of race strategies. With a successful career in international motorsport, Simonsen has demonstrated his skill in high-level competitions and worked with drivers from various categories, contributing to their development and successes on tracks worldwide.

Our company is thrilled to welcome Benny Simonsen as the Official Coach. His expertise and skills will be instrumental in enhancing our drivers’ performance and professional growth. Simonsen will work closely with the drivers, providing technical, strategic, and motivational support to help them reach their full potential and achieve successful results.

“Benny Simonsen is a true industry professional, and we are excited to have him on our team,” said Paolo Necchi Global Drive Management. “His experience and passion for coaching will greatly benefit our drivers, enabling them to grow as professionals and achieve new milestones on tracks worldwide. We are thrilled to begin this collaboration and look forward to remarkable achievements together.”

The collaboration with Benny Simonsen represents a significant step in our company’s ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive and high-quality support to our drivers. Through his invaluable contribution, we are confident in further improving our drivers’ performance and attaining successful results in upcoming competitions.